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moss agate necklace with sterling silver bail

moss agate necklace with sterling silver bail

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The dimensions are 3 x 2 cm

Primarily, Moss Agate is a part of the Agate family, but it isn’t always the case as Moss Agate is made up of silicon dioxide.
It is a semi-precious stone that comes under a variety of chalcedony, which is an ore of the Quartz family.
Moss agate is not a pure agate, but it shows some chemical compositions and fascinating agate patterns.
It belongs to the quartz family, made of fragments of weathered volcanic rocks.
It includes the layering of fissures or pebbles rather than traditional agate covering.

Wearing Moss Agate rings can connect your mind with nature and spirits.
It keeps reminding us that the world is a living creature, both physically and morally.
Geologists refer to Moss Agate as a “growth mineral” as it contains powerful means from the Earth’s life forces.

Chalcedony Properties

Durability = Very Good
Hardness = 7.0
Refractive Index = 1.544 – 1.533
Specific Gravity = 2.651

Almost all types of chalcedony gemstones are durable. Due to its durability and versatility.

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