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Raw citrine necklace // citrine jewelry // citrine crystal

Raw citrine necklace // citrine jewelry // citrine crystal

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Also known as the “Light Maker,” the Citrine gemstone has a bright yellow hue,
which reflects its equally vibrant energy. Like Vitamin C for the soul, the Citrine crystal emanates positivity and joy.
Its name is derived from the French word for lemon (citron), which carries a sense of sunny and optimistic joie de vivre.
Citrine is naturally found all over the world

The Citrine crystal has also been used as a decorative gem for thousands of years. As early as 300 BC,
Citrine was a favorite item for jewelry makers beginning with the ancient Greeks and Romans. In the first century AD,
Citrine crystal was carved into cabochon rings and intaglio work. Later in the 17th century,
Queen Victoria made Citrine popular by wearing it as jewelry.
During this time, Scottish men followed this trend with Citrine crystals on kilt pins and adorning the handles of swords and daggers.
In the Art Deco era, the Citrine crystal became popular again as Hollywood stars wore Citrine jewelry on the red carpet in the form of elaborate brooches,
necklaces, and other statement pieces with a large faceted gemstone as the centerpiece.

Understanding the unique composition of the Citrine crystal stone will help you connect more deeply with its high frequencies.
The Citrine crystal stone is a type of transparent quartz composed of silicon dioxide,
which is also found in the human body. This is why its vibrations easily resonate with our natural energy.
It also gets its trigonal shape from a unique crystal formation;
the yellow tint comes from its iron content.
Citrine can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes for use as jewelry or larger pieces for placing in your home.

The dimensions are 3.4 x 1 CM

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