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Copper formed Golden Healer Red pendant

Copper formed Golden Healer Red pendant

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golden healer is a stone of creativity, self confidence, and sexual energy.
it stimulates your solar plexus chakra of will and manifestation, as well as your sacral chakra of pleasure and feelings.
wearing this piece allows the golden light energy of the universal life force to flow into your body through your crown chakra,
clearing all blockages and imbalances as it travels down, giving multi-level healing.
It reconnects you to source energy enhancing joy and peace, and bringing your spirit forth. golden healer quartz,
with its high iron content, has an extremely active vibration and is suitable for all healing. often found around sacred sites,
it contains a high ratio of qi and bioscalar healing waves that create a multi-dimensional healing layout around a site,
the planet, or between the cells of your physical body. it is a catalyst for profound spiritual growth connecting you to the higher realms.
golden healer purifies and re-energises all chakras, rapidly releasing toxic mental or emotional conditioning.
wearing this piece raises your vibration and sends compassionate love into the world,
teaching you that enlightened awareness is completely attainable

The dimensions are 5.7 x 4 CM

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