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Electroformed Copper Smokey quartz Necklace

Electroformed Copper Smokey quartz Necklace

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Electroformed Jewelry is created using chemistry and electricity, the stone was handcut from a raw piece of Smokey quartz and polished to perfection.
This Electroformed copper Smokey quartz Necklace is one of a kind and unique in all ways, you will recieve the Electroformed Smokey quartz Necklace from the picture.
I can make similar rings in various sizes.

There is a video availabbe on my facebook page

Let your own heart decide what this Smokey quartz necklace can give you,
or even better what you can bring each other. For it is an exchange.

Just open you heart and imagine how it will be.

This is original and beautiful gift for any celebration or for yourself.
You will recieve the Smokey quartz Necklace of the picture, The dimensions are 5.4 x 3.2 x 1.1 cm

When life throws you shade, throw it right back with the Smoky Quartz crystal,
a powerful grounding and balancing stone that shares an equally shady aesthetic.
This powerful stone is a super-charged variation of the extensive Quartz group of crystals,
but with a distinctive twist.
It gets its wispy hints of brown from exposure to natural underground radiation from granite deposits,
giving regular Quartz an added punch of celestial vibrations.

A stone of pure white light, the Smoky Quartz crystal meaning links us to the highest realms of being and amplifies the truth of everything around it.
If Smoky Quartz has found its way into your life,
it could be a sign that it's time to open the windows of your heart and let in the light and positivity.
The truth can set you free and the Smoky Quartz crystal provides the roadmap to get there.

But it also has the ability to greatly aid in meditations or spiritual rituals.
This is because it helps with clearing energy and grounding.
Usually, the stone can simply be held. If you work next to a lot of electronics, it’s a good idea to keep a crystal next to you in order to absorb some of the electromagnetic radiation that seeps off of your devices.

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