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Golden Healer Sphere, XL Golden Healer, Yellow Hematoid

Golden Healer Sphere, XL Golden Healer, Yellow Hematoid

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The Golden Healer Quartz Sphere is one of a kind,
it was handcut from a raw piece of Golden Healer Quartz and polished into perfection to reveal it's beauty.

This is original and beautiful gift for any celebration or for yourself.
You will recieve the Golden Healer Quartz Sphere of the pictures The diameter is 90mm.
The weight is 1099 Gram

Golden Healer Quartz is a silicon dioxide that has golden or yellow iron minerals on the surface or as inclusions.

It’s considered a multi-purpose crystal because of its many uses and benefits.
It contains the magnifying properties of the Clear Quartz and the benefits of healing change.

The golden hue of Golden Healer Quartz is because of the iron oxide trapped inside the crystal.

The diameter is 90 mm

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