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Green Chlorite Quartz Point

Green Chlorite Quartz Point

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Chlorite is a rich green argile that can be found within clear quartz,
in certain countries such as Nepal and Brazil.
Gazing into a chlorite quartz often reveals scenes of natural landscapes,
such as rolling hill sides, soft foliage and flourishing bushes,
making us feel as if we are stepping into an alter-reality where magical forest creatures await our encounter.

Chlorite reverberates cleanliness, balance and health.
The color itself is the primary color of our natural world.
When we take a nature walk our mind seems clearer,
we naturally slow down into the present moment,
our breath deepens and our mood tends to stabilize.
The color green represents nitrogen, an important element in the air we breath.
It is a cool, fresh color that vibrates health,
growth and new life. It is the color of universal attraction that invites a sense,
of equilibrium and normality where there is chaotic growth and instability.

QuartzChlorite naturally lifts the vibration of the human organism higher than that of illness.
In a time where pollutants are virtually impossible to avoid,
this opulent mineral offers us a certain protection that is both physical and psychic.

The size is 7 x 4.6 x 3.2 cm

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