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Handmade bronze black opal ring

Handmade bronze black opal ring

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The widt is 2 cm

The size is 20.85 mm
US Size 11 1/4
UK Size W 1/4

The Bronze ring was carefully crafted with PMC (precious metal clay bronze),
The opal cabochon was made from a genuine piece of Australian black boulder opal it is handcut and polished to perefection to reveal it's beauty.

There is a video availabbe on my facebook page

Opal is a stone of inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity.
It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Its own spirit is at times like that of a child spontaneously playing,
dashing color where ever it pleases. Carrying this imaginative spontaneity into the realm of you life can bring strong creativity.

Opal has a larger proportion of water in it than most stones and is considered a water stone.
This can help ease the effort of handling change in life. Like water rolls over and past rocks and roots in its way,
the energy of opal can help continue on your path regardless of obstacles.
During times of transformation, this is an invaluable energy to work with and hold close to your heart.

Mentally, opal is said to enhance memory. It is also used to decrease confusion.

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