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Mangano calcite pendant with silverplated

Mangano calcite pendant with silverplated

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Mangano Calcite, is a stone of peace and well-being.
By enhancing the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra down into the Heart Chakra,
Mangano Calcite can attract new opportunities to learn the concept of Universal Love.
Mangano Calcite can help healers and counselors forge a strong,
energetic bond with a patient, allowing the healing vibrations to travel to the right location on the client.
Mangano Calcite can be very calming when held in the hand during meditation or energy work.

Mangano Calcite is a stone that can be used in order to boost self-
confidence and self-esteem as well as enhance compassion toward others.
Mangano Calcite is also beneficial for those enduring any type of emotional trauma, including abuse,
the death of someone close or a break-up.
Those who suppress their emotions will benefit from Mangano Calcite's,
ability to root out deep-seated causes for acknowledgment and release.
Clearing the nadis (energy channels) and enhancing the flow of energy between the Crown and Heart Chakras,
Mangano Calcite can help to clear the emotional center of stagnant or negative energies,
making room for new experiences of Divine Love.
Mangano Calcite is extremely helpful for long distance healers.

The dimensions are 5.2 x 2.5 CM

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