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Milky quartz pendant / Electroformed copper / Free Copper Chain

Milky quartz pendant / Electroformed copper / Free Copper Chain

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Just choose your's size copper snake chain in the dropdown menu.

Electroformed copper Milky quartz pendant wit celestite

For most healers, the main Milky Quartz meaning represents purity and the age of innocence.
Many compare its physical appearance to that of the first snowfall after the winter solstice.
Like those flurries of ice that fall from the sky, healers say that Milky Quartz is as pure as they come.

The innocence of this stone is capable of extending to many facets of your life.
The most significant is your approach to challenging situations.

Healers say that the crystal purifies the mind and prevents you from exploring the world with preconceived notions or prejudices.
It eliminates biases and prevents them from bubbling to the surface.
Even those ideologies you buried deep within your psyche are wiped clean,
allowing you to approach the world with fresh eyes.

You will receive the exact pendant as shown in the photo, The dimensions are 6.7 x 4.9 cm

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