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Selenite crystal // Selenite slab // Raw selenite

Selenite crystal // Selenite slab // Raw selenite

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Satin spar Selenite

The dimensions are 14.8 CM x 4.3 CM x 2.7 CM

You will recieve the piece from the picture

Selenite gemstones are transparent gypsum crystals known for their beautiful shapes and spiritual cleansing abilities.
These crystals are usually colorless, white, or gray.

Selenite Specifications & Characteristics

Selenite’s chemical formula is CaSO4·2H2O, meaning it’s a hydrous calcium sulfate.
On the Mohs mineral hardness scale, selenite gypsum ranks at a very low 2.
Outside of gemstones, selenite mineral uses come in handy for plaster, cement, and fertilizer.

selenite density is around 2.3, while calcite density is 2.71.

Almost all selenites are transparent, and they only appear translucent to opaque from inclusions,
element impurities, and natural sand coatings.

Find all the selenite mineral properties below:

Mohs hardness: 2; 3 (satin spar)

Color: Usually colorless, white, or gray; Can be yellow, red, brown, or blue from impurities

Crystal structure: Monoclinic

Luster: Waxy or sub-vitreous, pearly on cleavage; Silky (satin spar)

Transparency: Transparent to opaque

Refractive index: 1.52-1.53

Density: 2.25-2.35

Cleavage: Perfect on [010]; Distinct/Strong on [100] and [011]

Fracture: Micaceous or fibrous

Streak: White

Luminescence: Sometimes phosphorescent; Often fluorescent in center “hourglass” zone - usually tan or light green in LW-UV & SW-UV

Optical Effects: Chatoyancy & “television stone” effect (satin spar)

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